ConnectWise Control iOS mobile application for IT remote support

| By: Jeff Bishop

These days IT professionals are expected to support a growing number of mobile devices. Tablets and phones are just the tip of the iceberg. As the devices that make up the internet of things grow and evolve, so too must remote support tools—including ConnectWise Control®.

Equipping tech support teams of all sizes with a solution that supports the most in-demand mobile devices is crucial. And our development team heard this echoed loudly throughout our Partner Forum, “develop the ability to remotely view an iOS device.”

We’re happy to deliver this feature to the ConnectWise Control iOS mobile application.

With this functionality in ConnectWise Control, technicians can view the screen of an iOS phone or tablet with the mobile app installed, allowing them to lead end users through setting up email, troubleshooting, and more.

Ready to start remotely supporting iOS mobile devices?

Follow these step-by-step instructions to share the screen of an iOS device.

  • iOS screen-sharing was released with the latest stable version of the ConnectWise Control iOS mobile application. Check it out on iTunes or the Output Stream.
  • The screen-sharing feature comes along with other improvements in the latest update. You can read all the details in the What’s New section.
  • iOS screen-sharing works better on more recent ConnectWise Control versions. If you use an older version, you may need the Legacy iOS Compatibility extension that makes minor UI changes to help compatibility with the iOS app on older versions.

Interested in developments with our mobile applications? Join the ConnectWise Control Mobile Beta Program. Partners who join will be given early access to new mobile features and will be able to weigh-in on what we build next for Apple and Android devices.