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IT management is kind of your thing. An essential part of your support toolkit is a remote control and access solution. There’s no better fit for the IT industry than ConnectWise Control. With multi-layered security, robust customization and compatibility, and uber-fast connectivity, ConnectWise Control delivers the remote support capabilities you trust—and your clients expect.

The benefits of ConnectWise Control for IT management

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Instant connectivity

When an issue hits an end user’s hardware or software, you don’t have time to waste. With ConnectWise Control, get connected to any device, anywhere, in just a few clicks. Quick support gets end users back to work and productive in no time.

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Secure remote connections

Keeping remote connections secure should be a top priority for your business. While they’re great for your services, they can do a lot of harm when they fall into the wrong hands. Out-of-the-box security options in ConnectWise Control, like role-based permissions, encryption, and MFA, keep your sessions between you and your end user and nobody else.

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Robust compatibility

Your user base is spread across all types of operating systems and devices, and ConnectWise Control makes sure you’re able to support them all. ConnectWise Control is compatible and optimized for nearly all current operating systems, browsers, and mobile devices for easy and secure remote support and connections.

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Fully configurable

Remote support needs vary across businesses, so we’ve made it easy for you to customize ConnectWise Control to work for you. Nearly every option on the ConnectWise Control is configurable and customizable. And with over 100 integrations and extensions, ConnectWise Control lets you deliver remote support as efficiently and uniquely yours as possible.

“With Connectwise Control we are able to give a quality support at affordable price to our customers.”

- Joseph M, Technical Manager

Top ConnectWise Control features for the IT industry

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Remote access

Deliver remote support and control from anywhere in the world with ConnectWise Control. Instant, secure, and reliable remote access keeps your end user’s devices and systems within reach with just a few clicks. Get all the tools you need to easily view, troubleshoot, and solve problems quickly and securely.

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Unattended access

Just because a user isn’t at their computer doesn’t mean you can’t deliver remote support. ConnectWise Control delivers complete and secure remote support to any unattended machine to reduce downtime and resolve issues day or night.

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ConnectWise View

Going on-site to solve an issue isn’t always an option, but you still need to see the device to correct the problem. Enter ConnectWise View™. Turn any mobile device into your ‘eyes on-site’ to troubleshoot issues through a browser-enabled, live stream session. It’s the next best thing to being there. ConnectWise View is only available with ConnectWise Control Premium.

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Remote support and issue resolution shouldn’t stop the end user from doing their job. With Backstage in ConnectWise Control, get run scripts and commands through the Windows® command terminal or PowerShell to fix issues without disturbing your end user.

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Endpoint management

It can be hard keeping track of your endpoints as the number of devices and systems grows. Easily manage and search for any device for quick support with ConnectWise Control. Search and filtering allow you to find machines using device names, operating systems, IP addresses, and more.

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