Deliver superior service silently with remote access tools & services

Support unattended endpoint devices with ease with ConnectWise Control Access

Raise your endpoint management game

You never want to interrupt a customer’s work when updating or performing other support on their endpoint device. With ConnectWise Control Access for remote access management, you don’t have to worry about being a disruptor. You can deliver superior service silently, seamlessly, and with speed through a reliable, direct connection to access desktops, mobile devices, and more when needed. And guess what? Your customer doesn’t even have to be actively using their device.

The Benefits of ConnectWise Control Access

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Faster service, less disruption

ConnectWise Control Access alleviates downtime for your customer and raises the bar for remote support by allowing your technicians to access endpoints instantly so they can resolve issues faster—without undermining customer productivity. And with behind-the-scenes device monitoring and management capabilities, techs can stay in the know and keep system performance high.

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Global reach

Need to monitor and support machines all over the world? No problem. You can do that easily—and confidently—with ConnectWise Control Access. Resolve technical issues on endpoints successfully and without disrupting end users, no matter where they’re located.

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Lower costs, more revenue

Closing tickets faster and more efficiently decreases the total time your technicians spend supporting end customers and their devices, which helps you keep costs in check. Plus, remote access management can be an additional revenue source for your organization by allowing you to provide more and better service offerings that create even more value for your customers.

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Higher employee satisfaction

Turnover is a costly headache for your organization. Providing your techs with a remote-control toolset that’s reliable, fast, and secure can increase their job satisfaction. It helps put them at ease, makes them more productive, and empowers them to deliver outstanding, professional service to your customers.

ConnectWise Control Access features

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ConnectWise Control Access gives you remote access guarded by world-class security features that scale to meet your needs. With AES-256 encryption, two-factor authentication and other functionality available right out of the box, you can work with confidence—despite ever-present cyberthreats.

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Granular permissions and user management

With role-based security architecture, administrators can get granular when assigning permissions for each user role. ConnectWise Control makes it easy to ensure that end users—and technicians—only have a level of access to features and machines that’s necessary for them to do their jobs.

Advanced reporting

Creating clear, concise reports with actionable data is simple with ConnectWise Control Access. Get a holistic view of technician activity and key business metrics delivered in an easy-to-read format.

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More than 100 integrations and extensions

Customize your remote support experience and save your organization time, money, and headaches with the integrations and extensions available in ConnectWise Marketplace. ConnectWise Control Access integrates with many popular tools, including Zendesk, Outlook, Acronis, and Passportal. And if you don’t see an integration you need, we have tools to help you build it.

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Try ConnectWise Control Access for free

Take ConnectWise Control remote desktop software for a test drive and see how well it works for your customers. Bring instant, secure, and reliable remote control and support into your business and see how ConnectWise Control can boost your team’s support capabilities.

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