Remote desktop software for SaaS support

Remotely manage, support, and monitor SaaS applications

SaaS support made easy with ConnectWise Control

Tech issues aren’t exclusive to hardware. Just as a computer or tablet needs remote support, software and other business-critical applications need just as much attention. For reliable and secure SaaS support, look no further than ConnectWise Control. ConnectWise Control delivers safe, reliable, and instant remote support and remote access to keep SaaS applications up and running and your end users productive.

The benefits of ConnectWise Control for SaaS

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Instant connectivity

Remote control solutions are a valuable tool in your support but can do harm when they’re in the wrong hands. ConnectWise Control is equipped with layers of security to keep environments secure and remote support activity between the guest, host, and nobody else.

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Reduced downtime

Buggy software and applications can bring your end users’ productivity to a standstill. With reliable, instant access with ConnectWise Control, fix software issues quickly—even when the user isn’t there—to keep downtime to a minimum and businesses running smoothly.

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Fast fixes for common issues

When you fix enough software problems, you start to see many common issues—and fixes. In ConnectWise Control, automate common remediation actions to fix repeatable software issues and get more time back to fix the rare problems you’ve never seen.

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Support anytime, anywhere

SaaS application issues don’t have a set schedule, so you need to be ready to jump into action when an alert comes, and going on-site isn’t always an option. Remote access with ConnectWise Control puts you ‘there’ without being there to provide immediate support from anywhere at any time.

“I've used several remote control / screen sharing solutions in the past, but out of all of them, above and beyond I would continue to recommend ConnectWise Control."

- Andrew Haskell, Owner & Lead Technician

ConnectWise Control features for complete SaaS support

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Application management

Monitor and support SaaS applications across multiple clients and end users worldwide without missing a beat. Whether working behind the scenes or along with an end user, ConnectWise Control puts support and application management at your fingertips.

Alerts and notifications

End users might not notice every software issue. While things might appear to be working, problems in the background can creep around and hurt performance. Alerts and notifications in ConnectWise Control keep you aware of issues that go unnoticed to keep software running at its best.

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Not every software issue needs an end user to be around for you to fix the problem. With Backstage in ConnectWise Control, get access to the Windows® terminal and PowerShell of any remote machine. Provide complete software support without disrupting the user.

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Remote access

Whether around the corner or around the world, ConnectWise Control delivers secure, instant, and reliable remote access to solve any SaaS application issue thrown your way. Provide support across all major operating systems and most web browsers.

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