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Live stream sessions in ConnectWise Control with ConnectWise View

The next best thing to being there

ConnectWise View™ is the newest premium* extension in ConnectWise Control. Technicians can quickly turn an end user into a “cameraperson” for instant access to their troubled environment through a browser-enabled, live stream session—to see and solve issues from their POV in real-time.

*ConnectWise View is only available when you purchase ConnectWise Control Premium.

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App-less connectivity

ConnectWise View is browser-based, so there’s no need to install a mobile app. Connecting is as quick and easy as directing users to cwview.com and providing a six-digit access code. At the push of a button, you can also send the secure link via email or text.

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Live camera support

Looking through the eyes of your end users with an open mic makes remote problem solving a piece of cake. ConnectWise View lets you see what your client sees, so you can walk them through the resolution process step-by-step using the camera on their mobile device.

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Browser-based connectivity

Because ConnectWise View establishes connectivity through a secured mobile device browser session, there’s no need to share your technicians’ private contact details. This prevents clients from future direct contact, ensuring your staff’s privacy and productivity remains high.

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Photographic records

For future reference, staff training, technical documentation, and evidence for billing purposes, ConnectWise View lets your technicians keep visual records of their live stream sessions through downloadable snapshots.

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Visual learning

ConnectWise View gives senior engineers the ability to engage and mentor junior technicians in training, or for added horsepower while on call at client sites. They’ll have more time to focus on high-revenue, complex projects instead of spending time on the road or in the classroom.

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Remote support

Provide fast customer service with reliable, easy-to-use remote support from anywhere, anytime.

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Unattended access

Accomplish more by gaining access to unattended computers, services, or virtual machines.

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Remote meetings

Simplify and enhance meetings by easily engaging multiple people from various locations.

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